Cosmetic Dentist South Pasadena, CAEven though Christmas is just around the corner, it’s still a good idea to start planning your New Year’s resolutions. At John Chu’s, South Pasadena cosmetic dentist, practice, we give you three great dental ideas to think about for your New Year’s resolutions.

Whiten a dim smile

On New Year’s Eve, you will be probably be with friends and family counting down the seconds until the New Year’s Eve Ball finally drops to signify the start of 2014. The bright lights, glittery décor and sparkling glasses of Champagne brighten your mood. Can you say the same about your smile? Why not revamp your tooth color with a professional teeth-whitening procedure at our office. It’s important to feel and look your best.

Fix minor imperfections 

Typically, New Year’s resolutions focus on changing something: attitude, goals and image. When it comes to your teeth, there might be some minor imperfections you want to change. How about talking to your South Pasadena cosmetic dentists about veneers? They can correct minor spaces and misalignment, discoloration and odd shape of teeth. Fixing minor details can mean maximum boost in confidence, so you can start the New Year with a bang!
It’s not about what you will give up in 2014—it’s about what you will gain with an improved smile. Talk to your cosmetic dentists in South Pasadena regarding oral health tips and cosmetic services. A better smile awaits you in 2014!