No matter whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, you can rebuild your smile with dental implants! Read below to learn all Dental Implantabout the amazing benefits of this restoration method, and contact Dr. John Chu and Dr. Mary Lin in South Pasadena, CA, for personal treatment!


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metal posts made from a hypoallergenic material, such as titanium. The posts are placed in the jawbone through a minor surgical procedure. There must be an adequate amount of bone to support the implant. Over time, the bone naturally begins fusing with the metal posts through a process known as osseointegration. This natural fusion process helps the dental implants remain securely in place, which is why they serve as such strong anchors for artificial teeth.

Once the bone and dental implants have completely fused together, the dental implants are ready to anchor artificial teeth in place. When just one tooth is being replaced with a single dental implant, that implant is capped with a dental crown. When multiple teeth are being replaced, bridgework or an implant-supported overdenture is placed over several dental implants.


Rebuilding Your Smile and More

The gaps in your smile that result when teeth are missing can lead to several different problems. One consequence of missing teeth is that speech can change. The teeth help control the placement of the tongue when speaking, so when there are gaps, the tongue can slip and distort the way a person sounds. Filling in the gaps with dental implants and artificial teeth can alleviate this problem.

Another problem that can occur when teeth are missing is that the shape of the face can change. Teeth provide support for the muscles in the face, so fewer teeth means less support. When there is less support, the cheeks can begin to droop and sag, causing a person to appear older. Filling in these gaps provides the much-needed facial support, and can thus restore the natural shape of the face.

Fixing these gaps also alleviates the strain on teeth that were compensating for the missing ones. Taking on the work of missing teeth can cause remaining teeth to become worn down more quickly. Luckily, dental implants help redistribute the work of biting and chewing across a full set of teeth, allowing for a long-lasting, healthy smile!


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