Do you have dentures? Visiting your South Pasadena, CA, dentist, Dr. John Chu, regularly and following these tips will help you keep your dentures in good condition.

Make cleaning a priority

You'll need to clean your dentures every day, even if they look clean. After you rinse your dentures, brush them gently with a soft bristle brush or a denture brush. Be sure to use non-abrasive denture cleaners instead of toothpaste. Toothpaste is abrasive and could scratch your dentures, making it easier for bacteria to grow on them.

Brushing improves the appearance of dentures and removes plaque, a sticky biofilm that could increase your risk of gum disease. After brushing, place your denture in a container filled with denture cleaning solution. Although you can clean your dentures any time you want, most people prefer to soak their dentures overnight.

Rinse your dentures before you put them back in your mouth after cleaning and following every meal.

Handle your dentures carefully

Dentures can break if they fall. Reduce the risk of damage by placing a folded washcloth in the sink or counter when you clean your dentures. Keep your dentures in a safe, secure place when you're not wearing them. Look for a spot that's out of the reach of curious pets and children

Keep your dentures moist

Dentures should either be in your mouth or covered by a denture cleaning solution. Your dentures could change shape if they dry out, which could affect their fit and comfort. Dried-out dentures may become brittle and more likely to break if you drop them.

Visit your dentist

Even though you may not have any natural teeth left, you'll still need to schedule regular checkups at the South Pasadena dental office if you wear dentures. Your dentist will examine your dentures carefully and check for wear and damage. He'll also examine your gums and make sure the tissue is healthy and free from infection. As your mouth heals, denture fit can change. If this happens, your dentist may recommend relining or rebasing your dentures.

Have you noticed a change in the fit of your dentures or another issue? Call (626) 799-0852 to schedule an appointment with your dentist in South Pasadena, CA, Dr. Chu.