Are you wondering if you need a dental crown?

A dental crown is a prosthetic device used to cover a damaged or discolored tooth. Crowns are also placed over dental implants. There dental crownsare a number of reasons why you might need a dental crown, but it is a good idea to consult with a qualified dentist such as Dr. Chu  in South Pasadena, CA to see what is best for your situation.

A dental crown is a great option for protecting a tooth from further damage or decay. A tooth that has undergone a root canal, or a tooth that has a large cavity, compromised filling or even a chipped or cracked tooth can benefit from a dental crown.

In addition to the protection and preservation it provides for a tooth, a dental crown can also provide a natural looking cosmetic option for a damaged or discolored tooth. Because the crown is designed to your particular needs and specifications, your South Pasadena dentist Dr. Chu will be able to provide you a crown that closely mimics your natural tooth in shape, color, and function.

Crown procedures are usually done in two visits. During the first appointment, your South Pasadena dentist will examine your mouth, make an impression of the tooth, and prepare that tooth for the crown. That preparation usually involves some filing down or shaving and shaping of the tooth. He will then likely install a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready. When your permanent crown is done – either in-house or at an outside specialty laboratory – your South Pasadena dentist will remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent crown.

Crowns last for a long time – five years or more – depending on the stresses you put on it. For example, if you grind or clench your teeth a lot, or practice poor dental hygiene, you might have failure issues sooner rather than later.

To keep your crown in optimum shape, practice good brushing and flossing habits, giving special attention where the crown meets your gum line. You should also avoid biting or chewing hard objects – ice cubes, popcorn kernels, for example.

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